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It isn’t about the idea of something, it’s about the truth of it. You must throw away your hopes and dreams, your lists and goals and all the pretty things you’d hope to buy along the way. You mustn’t plan to tell a soul you’ve been there, but rather tell all of its existence. You must tell the truth of it in every little detail. The way the sun shone across the open prairie and just how the air tasted in the pines. The way the ground felt beneath your bare feet and the night stars told you stories while you slept. The way the ocean roared in protest, waning as the morning calm came on. Spare them not one single element; not a hue of color, not a drop of rain. But you must not tell them how you felt – for that is the story of you, and they will have their own tale for themselves someday, too. Rather, you will tell the story of the land, and in this, you will be a true explorer.

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I'M JEN. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, WRITER, OR... ANYTHING, ACTUALLY. I am just a girl that loves life; a girl that thinks living is about having an adventure every single day. Somedays, adventure means walking your dogs down the street, hand in hand with your loved one. Others, it means traveling across the country or even the world to immerse yourself in a completely different culture than the one you call home. ADVENTURE JUST MEANS THAT NO MATTER WHAT GOES RIGHT OR WHAT GOES WRONG, YOU'RE ALL IN. AND AT THE END OF THE DAY, YOU'RE STILL SMILING AND HAPPY TO BE ALIVE. When I'm out in nature, I photograph because there is an impulse in my soul to capture the moment. Something moves in me that doesn't always move in everyday life. This incredible appreciation sweeps over me that gets lost if I don't step outside my everyday routine and go find it. And as I come home with a collection of images, I come home with endless opportunities to reground myself.  To scour literature, reading the beautiful words of others so that I can share their lessons as captions to my images. If the images move me enough, I write my own lessons alongside them. They are lessons I am still learning every single day; I've perfected nothing just yet. So it isn't that I hope you see the person that I am, but rather, the person I hope to become. Let's do this.

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